Federal Revenues: Overview

Note:  This website was archived in January of 2019. 

House:  Floor Updates   |  Senate:  Floor Updates   Floor Summary  

March 23, 2018:  President signed spending bill (HR 1625) containing Tax Technical Corrections in Division U | JCT Explanation of  Tax Technical Corrections Act of 2018) JCT Revenue Estimates

Feb 9, 2018:  President signed PL 115-123 (HR 1892, Bipartisan Budget Act) containing “Tax Extenders” in Division D | JCT list of extenders

Jan 22, 2018: President signed PL 115-120 (HR 195, a continuing resolution) containing tax provisions delaying several Affordable Care Act taxes (medical device excise tax, the “Cadillac tax” on high-cost employer-sponsored health plans, and an annual excise tax on health insurers) | JCT Revenue Estimates

Dec. 22, 2017:  President signed (HR 1, titled “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” TCJA) | PL 115-97 | JCT Distributional Analysis | TPC Distributional Analysis | Revenue Estimates | Conference Report  

See Appropriations.com for full details on FY 2019 spending bills, CRs, and shutdowns; and
GovBudget.com for details on the Federal budget including entitlements and other mandatory spending.

Source:  FY 2018 final OMB-Treasury numbers

The $3.33 trillion in Federal revenues breaks down as follows (FY 2018):   

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